Final Fantasy Explorers

Final Fantasy Explorers Sells Over 212 000 Copies in Ten Days

Square Enix has released a new action role-playing game exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. As a new subseries for the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy Explorers gets a fairly good start in Japan by selling over 212 000 copies after ten days of the launch. (Famitsu Business) In comparison, Bravely Default sold over 182 000 copies in the same duration, but has now surpassed one million copies worldwide. Square Enix has trademarked “Final Fantasy Explorers” in the West as well. If the company is happy with the Japanese sales, it’s possible the game will be localized.

Final Fantasy Explorers is a multiplayer action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix. It’s an exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. The development team’s main goal is to create a game that is accessible for newcomers yet offers enough challenge for JRPG veterans. If the series success, it might even become a Final Fantasy sub-series with multiple sequels. Unlike the mainline entries, Final Fantasy Explorers is heavily multiplayer and cooperation oriented title which allows up to four players to play together through Wi-Fi and Nintendo Network. It can even be described as a “light” version of Final Fantasy MMO games. However, this doesn’t mean the single player experience is completely ignored: the story can be completed alone and the players can build a 4-character team where each member has own job. The developers have also promised the post game will be content rich with extra dungeons and boss fights.

An Excerpt from Square Portal Data Base

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