Life Is Strange

Listen to “Life Is Strange” Soundtrack | The Final Developer Diary | Launches Tomorrow

Life is Strange will be out tomorrow! Square Enix & Dontnod have released the third and final installment of Life is Strange Developer Diary series. The video, entitled ‘Creating Arcadia Bay’ , features in-depth details of the sights and sounds you can expect in the game. It also reveals full details on the licensed soundtrack as well as the names of the voice actors behind Max and Chloe. The team also explains how they came up with their unique visual style by hand-painting every texture in the game.

Great news for music lovers! As Square Enix shared full details on the soundtrack,  we also got access to the entire tracklist, which can be enjoyed through multiple playlists on Youtube or Spotify.

  • Santa Monica Dream – Angus & Julie Stone
  • Mt. Washington – Local Natives
  • To All of You – Syd Matters
  • Obstacles – Syd Matters
  • Something Good – alt-J
  • Got Well Soon – Breton
  • Lua – Bright Eyes
  • Piano Fire – Sparklehorse
  • The Sense of Me – Mud Flow
  • Mountains – Message to Bears
  • Crosses – José Gonzalez
  • In my Mind – Amanda Palver & Brian Viglione

Life is Strange will be released tomorrow on January 30, 2015. You can pick up the first episode €4.99 or alternatively purchase a season pass for €19.99. The game will be available on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

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