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Square Enix’s New PS4 Game is “Spelunker Z”

Square Enix has finally revealed its new PlayStation 4 title, which teaser site was opened last week. The new game is called “Spelunker Z” and it’s developed by Tozai Games and will be available as free download on March 19.

Spelunker Z is set in a colossal cave where the player’s main objective is to reach a treasure at the bottom. Originally, the series was developed by Tim Martin and MicroGraphicImage for Atari. The game also arrived for Commondore 64 and NES. Now Spelunker returns with new visuals and online multiplayer mode, where you can search for treasures with up to six other players.

Character customization allows the players to change character’s gender, clothes, hairstyle, eyes and other features. There will be pets with special abilities like digging a hole in the ground, and seeds that are used for skill upgrading to make your character stronger.

Visit the official site here.

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