RWBY & Dead Fantasy Creator Monty Oum Is Gone


Rooster Teeth has just announced that Monty Oum has passed away. What an awful day! The world has lost a great talent again and he had so much more to give to the world. Rest in peace, Monty.

Rooster Teeth has told its fans that talented animator Monty Oum has been hospitalize in critical care and it’s not known if he will recover. They informed that he is currently receiving the best medical care possible and is surrounded by both family and friends. The reasoning behind his condition is kept as a secret due to the utmost respect for his privacy and Rooster Teeth team hopes that people will understand and share in that respect. A fund has been been established to assist Monty’s family with his medical expenses.

Who is Monty Oum?

Monty Oum is an extremely talented animator who is well known for his crossover fighting videos. He is currently employed by Rooster Teeth to animate for Red vs. Blue series and RWBY. Monty Oum first gained popularity in 2007, after releasing Haloid video on GameTrailers that drew attention within the gaming community and was praised as the best fanmade ever made for Halo. In October 2007, he also released the first video of Dead Fantasy series, which is a crossover series between Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive. As fans of his work, we wanted to share these sad news with you since we are pretty sure many of you are familiar with his work.

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  1. I’m actually kinda lost for words that he’s gone :(
    I discovered him years ago with his Dead Fantasy videos on Youtube – me and my friends watched them loads of times being amazed at how awesome they were and eager for the next episode – been following him for quite while (5yrs i think) have enjoyed all his work and projects – such a talented man – a huge loss :(

    • Actually….it could’ve been longer than 5yrs – if he released the first in 2007 – i didn’t start my A-Levels till 2008 – and it was during that time when i first discovered him – time really flies! :(

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