Final Fantasy XIV

Ultimate Fight Final Fantasy XIV – A Fighting Game Parody by Square Enix

Final Fantasy XIV developers have made a new parody video called “Ultimate Fight Final Fantasy XIV” where you can see Yda and Livia fighting against each other in the vein of fighting games like Tekken and Blazblue. Perhaps someday we will see a mini game like this in Final Fantasy XIV? Haha.

Earlier today, Square Enix also published a brand new trailer for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward showing off new locations, gameplay, skills and even Dragoon’s signature limit break. Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Benchmark will be available for PC on Monday and it allows the players to create their own Au’Ra characters and import them to the final game when it launches this June.

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  1. One comment: Yda cheated! You’re not supposed to be able to summon that many helpers into a one-on-one match. Sheash, and the Empire are supposed to be the baddies.

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