Final Fantasy Type-0

Voting: Create Your Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Main Team


Left Side: Seven, Deuce, Trey and Nine. Middle: Ace, Queen, King. Right side: Jack, Eight, Cater, Cinque and Sice. (Not in picture: Machina and Rem)

There are only two week left until Final Fantasy Type-0 HD releases worldwide. This is why we’re more than curious to hear which characters you will be choosing in your main team. Naturally, most of us don’t even know the cast yet and your only impression could be from trailers and screenshots, but it just makes this research far more interesting. After a month or two the release of the game, we will be asking the same question from you and see if the results have changed after a playthrough.

Once you start a mission in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, you have to create a team which consists of three characters. They can be changed anytime or one of them can be sacrificed for summoning an eidolon. Who will be in your main team? (Choose 3 characters) Vote now!

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