Final Fantasy XIV

Don’t Miss Final Fantasy XV & Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward PAX East 2015 Panels | Schedule & Streams

Update: Timezone confusion: The panels start an hour later than we first informed you.

Two weeks ago, Square Enix announced their Pax East 2015 lineup which consist of titles such as Just Cause 3, Life Is Strange and Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, but also Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. Today there will be panels with a focus on the latter two titles and they both will be live streamed online as well. Here is the schedule:

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Panel starts at 12PM EST / 5PM GMT / 6PM CET as Naoki Yoshida (Producer / Director) takes the stage to discuss about the latest detail of  the upcoming expansion – Heavensward. You can watch the panel on Twitch ( or Youtube. (

Final Fantasy XV Panel starts at 3PM EST/ 8PM (GMT) / 9PM CET. The panel will be about game designing and what happens behind the scenes of Final Fantasy XV, featuring lead game designers, Wan Hazemer and Prasert Prasertvithyakarn, who are going to share their experiences about the game development. You can watch the panel on Twitch ( or Youtube. (

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    • Those times are for EST timezones. In German time, the FFXIV panel start at 6PM and FFXV at 9PM CET. Earlier version of this post had schedule an hour too early, but they are fixed now. :)

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