Square Portal’s Spring Awakening

It’s about time Square Portal gets a new look!

Once in a while, each person and brand needs a breath of fresh air to continue growing and going forwards. Sometimes it means completely reinventing yourself or returning back to your roots. As Square Portal is having its spring awakening today, you will be seeing the same ideas from the previous layout but executed a bit differently.

Over the years, you might have learned that I love to change the site’s look quite frequently, which has made some of you refer Square Portal as “Lady Gaga” of Square Enix news sites. I will take that as a compliment, hah. But it’s true –  we always had this huge need of trying to overcome ourselves and try new things. Sometimes our experiments are successful, sometimes they are not. That’s the way of life, but at least that way the journey won’t be boring! I was personally quite surprised I managed to keep the previous design for half a year and I was getting quite full of it already. This is why I hope you find this new style  as refreshing and exciting as I do.

However, new Square Portal isn’t completely finalized yet and it will mature during the upcoming weeks as I add new features and make it feel like a new home. Hopefully, you all are having nice start of Spring 2015! With titles like Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae, Life Is Strange and many others, you should have interesting ways to spend your time!

Pst! I will be announcing new projects soon – please be excited!

Best Wishes,
Editor-in-Chief, Square Portal

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