DISSIDIA Final Fantasy

New Dissidia Final Fantasy Trailer, Music & Screenshots

Today, Square Enix held a special “Closed Conference 2015” where the developers discussed about the latests “Dissidia Final Fantasy” details. The game is scheduled for arcade release in Fall 2015 and it’s being developed in collaboration between Koei Tecmo Games’ Team Ninja and Square Enix. Another exciting collaboration comes with the arcade hardware where Sony and Square Enix are working together. This means that the developers will be utilizing the power of PlayStation 4 hardware for the development, and the game is running 60 frames per second as well. Does this mean the console release is possible coming? Yes. When? According to Square Enix, we have to wait at least a year or so after the arcade release.

The third installment in Dissidia series will be featuring new gameplay elements such as a 3 vs. 3 battle system where up to six players can fight against each other at the same time. Since the series is moving away from the handheld consoles, the visuals will be receiving a significant upgrade as well.  </span>Earlier this year, the premiere trailer introduces us with returning heroes such as Warrior of Light, Lightning, Cloud Strife, Terra Branford and Onion Knight, but also a new hero from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Y’shtola. The development team didn’t reveal are they planning to bring Final Fantasy XV or Final Fantasy Type-0 HD characters to the game. However, Square Enix is planning to bring more music, characters and stages to the game after the release as patches, and it’s likely that the possible PlayStation 4 release will be “a complete pack” when it releases someday.

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  1. Hopefully All off previous character dissidia duodecim will be included+ characters from kingdom heart (sora,riku,xemnas,king mickey, donald, goofy, kairi)

  2. The Warier of Light Vs Cloud Strife! Now that I would love to see… but even more so what are the top five characters you guys would like to added see in this dissidea?! mine are: Vincent Valentine, Zack Fair, Ciaus Balled, Noctis Lucis Cealum, and Stell Nox Flueret… I apologize if I misspelled there names.. -_-

  3. I need to get my hands on this! >.<
    It's definitely shaping up! – and was that Ifrit? (looked like him) – to fight summons would be epic – so instead of finding those red crystals around the map – just like in many other FF games you have to fight/beat the summon in order to use it

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