DISSIDIA Final Fantasy

Dissidia Final Fantasy Trailer #3 Focuses on Gameplay

Square Enix has released a third trailer for Dissidia Final Fantasy, focusing on gameplay. 

They also released a comparison trailer for Dissidia Final Fantasy. Last week, the developers revealed that instead of “traditional arcade hardware” Dissidia Final Fantasy will be utilizing customized PlayStation 4 hardware. This new comparison video is meant to show the difference between the older version (Arcade) and the latest version. (Customized PS4)

Dissidia Final Fantasy is scheduled for arcade release this Fall in Japan. A year after the launch, it’s very likely that Square Enix will be bringing the game for home consoles as a complete edition.

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  1. Really hope this has some kind of progression system when it comes to PS4, It’d feel incredibly bare-bones if it just came out and it was a pure fighting game that didn’t really have any connective tissue.

  2. I read that on Launch there will be 14 playable characters – and in the long run will have up to 50! – which is insane
    Would love to play as Caius, Zack, Genesis, Vincent, Auron and Noctis :)
    They should also add in Seymour, Vayne, Fran, Balthier, Leon (FF2), another Onion Knight, maybe Yang, Ceodore (Cecils son), Galuf, Locke, Sabin, Edgar, Setzer…. theres alot they can choose from – and i am excited to find out :3

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