Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report 28.04.2015 | English Subtitles

Today, Square Enix has aired another Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report focusing on fans’ feedback based on Final Fantasy XV demo, titled as Episode Duscae. During this episode, the developers view the survey results and discuss about them and how issues will be fixed or changed for the final version of the game. Final Fantasy XV is currently in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  1. It’s really awesome that they’re gonna be addressing some of the issues like Lock On, the Camera etc. – and some that i never thought about like being able to Dodge mid attack – personally i didn’t find many problems with the Demo since i knew some of them would be fixed like the Framerate – and i got used to it/found my way around them

    If they are able to update the Demo that would be cool – even if it’s for 2 small things – the game may feel a lot different

    I like these Active Time Reports – keep us informed and nice to hear their thoughts on our Feedback

    Can’t wait for the upcoming Events this year – new trailers, info, gameplay…. :D

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