Final Fantasy XIV

Alexander Raid Arrives in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

In Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, the grand adventure continues this week: Alexander 8-player raid is now open for players who have already beaten the main storyline! It’s possible to use the duty finder for the raid, and to do so, the player must have average item level of 170 and complete a few additional side quests before entering. Similar to the first Bahamut’s coil, Alexander has four turns, but difficulty is around Crystal Tower. As said, the current normal mode offers a bit of challenge, but is mostly for experiencing the storyline. After completing the mission, the players can get tokens from treasure chests and they can be redeemed towards 190ilv gear. (Pray for the RNG gods) When you complete all turns, you will also receive with one additional token which can be used to acquire an accessory of your choice.

Don’t worry about the difficulty, though! These fights are pretty similar to Crystal Tower raids and shouldn’t demand too much! After a few wipes you will probably get your clear! However, if you are looking for a real challenge, the savage mode is great for you and your static (or party finder group). The Savage Mode is opening in two weeks and will truly offer challenge to everyone, according to developers. Now it’s your time to gear up and polish your rotations! We are looking forward to see you in Final Fantasy XIV! (we’re addicted, help us)

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