Mevius Final Fantasy

Mobius Final Fantasy x Final Fantasy Type-0 Seasonal Event Begins

Square Enix has launched a seasonal event in Mobius Final Fantasy where players can obtain Final Fantasy Type-0 HD themed ability cards. By spending 500 crystals or a lottery card, you will also have a chance to receive a 5-Star card of Machina and Rem, which is one of the most powerful cards currently available. The limited time event will be up from 13th September to 30th September.

Mobius Final Fantasy is currently available for Android / iOS devices in Japan. By creating a Japanese account for an app store, you can also download and play the game in Japanese. Mobius was trademarked in Europe and North America last year that could mean the Western release to be announced at a later date.

Cards = Abilities

The battle system and the leveling system in Mobius Final Fantasy are slightly different from other games in the series:

  • The player has a base level that rises slowly. However, stats are mostly depending on the ability cards.
  • The cards evolve during battles, making the player stronger. For example, if the player’s base level is 20 and all four cards are 25lv, the main level is 120lv.
  • During battles the player is able to use four cards. It’s possible to borrow the fifth one from a random player.
  • There are different types of cards: aero, stone, fire, blizzard and cosmos.
  • Each card comes with own attributes such as sword, staff and daggers. By using staff cards with magician jobs, the player can greatly increase the effectiveness of his / her abilities.
  • The ability cards are obtained by killing monsters, each having own drop rate.
  • If you have unwanted cards, they can be sold for gils or used to boost others.
  • Certain cards can be even evolved into new forms, making them even stronger.

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  1. I’m hoping very much Square doesn’t turn this into an obnoxious P2W game like they did with the Lara Croft Relic Run that nags you for money every few seconds after you hit an invisible tree trunk. Mobius looks amazing and I can’t wait to get my hands on an English version and I’m hoping not to get disappointed. Do you know the specifics of the revenue model for the IAPs? Does it sell premium currency or full chapters?

    • With Mobius, they had issues with difficulty at the launch – making many players to stop playing the game as it felt too “pay to win”. However, the development team did react to this and adjusted difficulty and other things. After this they started a “Welcome Back” campaign where they gave tons of better abilities and new jobs for the players if they played the game daily. It did make the experience much more fair and enjoyable in my opinion. This is probably one of the reasons why the game isn’t yet available in the West.

      What I have been playing the game about 10 hours or more, I haven’t had many moments where I felt “P2W” being annoyingly visible after the patch. In addition, the soundtrack is really awesome. (The composer is Mitsuto Suzuki)

      Similar to Final Fantasy XIV, chapters are unlocked through patches that are available every month or so. They are making revenue by selling special minion outifts for the fairy and crystals that can be used to buy more abilities from the lottery machine. Currently, the game is giving off special lottery tickets for all players which allows them to get new special abilities or fairy costumes for free. Crystals are earned by completing harder missions that grant 20-100 crystals after completion. A new special card costs 500 crystals. As mentioned in the post, cards are mostly obtained by killing monsters and “capturing” them. :)

      • I’m very happy to hear Square is reining in the P2W feel. I’ve developed an allergic reaction whenever a game nags me for money midway and I don’t think many people enjoy it either. I’m happy with buying chapters though and OK with grinding, as long as the experience is kept clean and awesome. FFXIV is a fine example of how to keep players happy and paying for a long time. And anything that comes out of Mitsuto’s brilliant mind is bound to be good. The man is unable to do less than excellent even if he tried really hard. Thanks for the research!

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