Early Chinese Final Fantasy XV Commercials Uncovered

It seems Chinese TVs have started to air Final Fantasy XV commercials earlier than expected or Square Enix is just virally marketing their upcoming event and the long-awaited new entry in Final Fantasy series. The first commercials reveal a free playable demo focussing on baby-chan Noctis’ dream and the second one turns Yoshitaka Amano’s beautiful artwork alive. Please enjoy – these will just make you even more hyped for the game!

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event where Square Enix will ll have a whole host of huge announcements, including the release date, the free demo and more!
Streaming will be from  4am CEST on Thursday (morning) 31st of March – you can watch it on Youtube and Twitch via the official page:

Categories: FINAL FANTASY XV, Portal

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