“Nyheim” Is Now on Square Enix Collective


Back in Summer 2014, Square Enix launched the pilot phase for Square Enix Collective, to assist game developers with their projects. Collective will showcase independently (indie) developed game concepts direct to the gaming community, allowing the community to decide which concepts should become a reality. If an idea is supported, Square Enix may offer to support the project through crowdfunding. They also try to help small teams build awareness of their ideas. Square Enix Collective has already helped to fund nearly ten titles!

Nyheim Enters Collective

Nyheim is now on Square Enix Collective and is awaiting your feedback and votes. The gam is set in a post-pandemic world. Your main objectives are gather ingresources, completing quests and avoiding any crises to rebuild and survive harsh conditions of the post-pandemic world. Nyhein is a digital board game, where gameplay happens by using cards and dice elements. The Finnish developers (from Oulu!) are hoping to realise the title on mobile and bringing it to PC, consoles and VR after that.

Some of the features the game includes are:

  • Intuitive and fast dice-based resolution system
  • 10 card types
  • Strategic balancing between crisis management and reaching goals
  • Changing seasons affect the gameplay
  • Every game is randomly generated and has multiple endings
  • Unforgiving gameplay: Once a survivor dies, he dies. If your whole party dies, it’s “Game over“

You can support and find more details about Nyheim on the official page!

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