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Hikaru Utada Returns for Kingdom Hearts 3 Soundtrack


The Iconic Singer Returns Making Music for Kingdom Hearts Sequel

Today, Japanese singer Hikaru Utada was confirmed to be working on Kingdom Hearts III soundtrack by her manager Tazurane Utada on Twitter. He says “We’ll do it. Actually we have already started. Sorry for keeping you waiting.” This doesn’t come as a huge surprise to the long-time Kingdom Hearts fans, Utada previously worked on two theme songs for the series: “Simple and Clean” (English version of “Hikari”) in Kingdom Hearts, and “Sanctuary” (English version of “Passion”). So, it feels natural to see her returning for the third mainline game in the series.

Kingdom Hearts III’s story is set after Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. The main protagonist Sora is joined by Donald, Goofy, Mickey and Riku in their search for the seven guardians of light and key to return hearts as they attempt to thwart Master Xehanort’s plan to bring about a second Keyblade War.

Hikaru Utada has sold more than 52 million records worldwide, making her one of the best selling music artists in Japan. She has also been considered one of the most influential artists in the Japanese music industry by multiple publications. Utada also has had twelve number-one singles in Japan. Her latest album “Fantôme” was released in September 2016.

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