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Square Enix Delays The Release of Star Ocean 5

On the official site, Square Enix has announced that the Japanese release of Star Ocean 5 will be postponed from February 25, 2015 to March 31, 2015. The reason for this is rather simple: further polishing. The game is set to arrive in 2016 exclusively for the PlayStation 4 […]

Star Ocean 5 Announced for the West

STAR OCEAN 5: INTEGRITY & FAITHLESSNESS Star Ocean series continues as the fifth installments heads to PlayStation 4 in the West! The release is scheduled for release in 2016. Star Ocean 5 is developed by tri-Ace & published by Square Enix. The footage showed today was running in […]

What to Expect from Square Enix at E3 2015?

E3 is a premier trade show for computer, video and mobile games and related products. For three exciting days, leading-edge companies, groundbreaking new technologies and never-before-seen products will be showcased. The show offers a great opportunity for all-kind of game developers to reveal their latest products for retailers, […]