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Interview: Talking about Mobius Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Final Fantasy XV with Yoshinori Kitase and Naoki Hamaguchi


“1. How do you feel now following the start of service for the international version of Mobius Final Fantasy?

Yoshinori Kitase: We felt immense support from many fans who had been playing the Japanese version before the international version’s release. Of course for the development team, the more regions we support, the more challenging things get, but we truly felt the passion from players that surmount those challenges. I have nothing but appreciation for all our fans around the globe for playing this game.

2. How did the team come to develop the Steam version?

Naoki Hamaguchi: I took part in porting the three installments of the FINAL FANTASY XIII series to steam before developing MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY, so having the experience of porting and releasing a title on Steam was a big factor. Aside from that, the 3D resources were developed in full HD, so we also felt players would get a direct feel for the quality of MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY if it were on Steam.

mevius-final-fantasy_141225_043. How does the Steam version differ from the mobile version?

NH: We no longer needed to compress assets to shrink the data size like we do for mobile devices, so the 3D resources are much higher in resolution. Furthermore, we did not have to be conscious about saving power when considering frame rate, so players will be able to enjoy the game in extremely high quality in the realm of 60fps to 120fps. Another feature worth mentioning is that we will also support 4K resolution. Players will be able to enjoy a much richer experience that differs from mobile devices, something closer to a console experience.

4. Does the content differ between the Steam version and the mobile version?

NH: The content does not differ. The platform just allows for a further enriched gameplay experience, which is essentially the only difference between the two versions.

5. Can you transfer your account from the mobile version to the Steam version of MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY?

NH: Most definitely. The save data can be carried over from mobile to Steam. Data can also be shared between the two versions, so players can enjoy the game on their mobile devices outside and continue to play from their room with the Steam version after they return home.

6. This year marks the 30th anniversary of FINAL FANTASY. How do you feel about having been able to take part in the series?

YK: I have been involved since FINAL FANTASY V and have been a fan since the original FINAL FANTASY. I am truly honored to take part in a series that has so much history.

7. How did you come to develop FINAL FANTASY games?

YK: The opportunity arose when Sakaguchi-san, my boss at that time, appointed me to FINAL FANTASY V after I finished developing Romancing SaGa. I handled the direction of the event scenes on my debut title, Legend of Mana, so that may have contributed to my recognition.

NH: I played FINAL FANTASY VI as a student and it made me want to take this path in life and create games that touch people’s hearts. Kitase-san was the director of FINAL FANTASY VI so it’s truly a quirk of fate that I’m currently working with him (laughs).

8. What were some of the initial thoughts that generated MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY?

NH: The game was generated based on the concept of how rich of a game experience we can deliver to players on mobile devices. There were moments where we thought, “even if we are developing a FINAL FANTASY IP, because it is meant for mobile devices, we should deliver a lighter experience!” That said, after trial and error, we were determined there was a need to differentiate with something that can only be done by our team.

9. Were there any challenges to developing MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY?

NH: Cutting back on download size and saving power on mobile devices. When working to bring console quality graphics to mobile, the power consumption and data size of 3D resources exceeded the level of what most players would consider acceptable. We contemplated over the appropriate balance when it came to not harming the high-end nature of MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY while being realistic as a continuously operated mobile game.


10. The MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY and FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE collaboration event will finally arrive overseas. Kitase-san, as the producer of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, do you have any thoughts regarding this collaboration?

YK: The scale of development for a PS4 title is significantly larger compared to mobile titles, so it will take a little while longer to showcase the game to everyone. That said, I am extremely happy to be able to show one aspect of the game in this fashion before the main game arrives. This was made possible because the specifications of MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY allow us to utilize the data from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE as is.

11. FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE is highly anticipated by fans worldwide. Will players be able to experience the world of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE through this collaboration event?

NH: Yes, we received 3D resources from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, which is currently under development, including Cloud, Guard Scorpion, and the Mako Reactor, which we then set up to fit within MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY. We are extremely proud that as of now, there are no other titles that express the universe of FINAL FANTASY VII as well as MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY. We would love for you to play the collaboration event as you look forward to the game’s release.

12. Will the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE collaboration event for the international version differ from the one conducted in Japan?

YK: The level of completion of the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE collaboration event was extremely high and well-received in Japan, so we intend on releasing the content globally, as originally experienced by Japanese players.

13. Will characters like Tifa, Aerith, and Zack from FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE appear in MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY?

NH: This collaboration is focused on Cloud, so the other characters will not make an appearance. Players will join Cloud, who has gone astray in Palamecia, on his adventures and see how the story unfolds based on his decisions. Content-wise, FINAL FANTASY VII fans will surely become fraught with emotion as events unfold in-game (laughs).

14. Kazushige Nojima, known for his work on titles like FINAL FANTASY VII and FINAL FANTASY X, wrote the scenario for MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY. What were the reasons for working with Kazushige Nojima once again in developing MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY?

YK: When it comes to the story, I seek two things – “mystery” and “something that has an emotional impact”. I believe both exist in Nojima-san’s scenarios for FINAL FANTASY VII, FINAL FANTASY X, and other projects. Furthermore, the great thing about Nojima-san is that he is not only good at writing stories, but he also has a good understanding of games.

15. Kitase-san, to this day, you have developed numerous FINAL FANTASY games. Which title is most memorable?

YK: Each and every one is profoundly memorable so it is difficult to choose the most memorable. If I had to choose, perhaps it would be FINAL FANTASY VII, FINAL FANTASY X, and FINAL FANTASY XIII since these were all developed for a new console, meaning they all held an important position in determining the fate of the FINAL FANTASY series thereafter.


16. Currently, there is a lot of excitement around FINAL FANTASY XV worldwide. Does MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY have any plans for collaboration events with FINAL FANTASY XV?

NH: We are extremely grateful that FINAL FANTASY XV has been recognized by players across the globe. MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY would also like to collaborate with FINAL FANTASY XV in some way or another in the future. We announced the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE collaboration event today, but going forward, we would like to continue collaborating with other mainline FINAL FANTASY titles.

17. What is going on with Echo’s hands? We are curious since we have not seen them yet!

NH: Actually, Echo’s hands have never been shown in the Japanese version that has been released for even longer. Whether there is a reason for this or not, please keep an eye out as to how things unfold.

18. Can you share any goals or plans for MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY?

YK: MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY as a title Square Enix is putting a lot of effort into developing using internal staff. Rather than a mere copy of what is commonly known, we will continuously strive to develop new game experiences that can only be realized by our team. We want to make sure we keep on challenging ourselves with this goal in mind.

19. Lastly, can we get a few words for our fans?

NH: Thank you so much for playing MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY. We are about to enter Chapter IV where the secrets of Palamecia will slowly start to unfold. Furthermore, an original story based for the FINAL FANTASY VII collaboration will be released in tandem with the main story. There will be a lot of exciting content released regularly, so your continued support for MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY would be much appreciated.”

Source: Square Enix Blog

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