Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider E3 Details, Screenshots and Trailers


Crystal Dynamics announced that their Tomb Raider reboot will launch for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on March 5, 2013. And great news for X360 gamers because Xbox 360 version of the game is getting timed-exclusive downloadable content before PS3 or PC.


New details of the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot are revealed in the latest issue of Game Informer.

The game will say good bye for the old linear platforming formula of past Tomb Raiders and will be based on players’ choices.

“We’re now giving the player the opportunity to go into a space and choose their own path. Where we take you across the ledge of the B-52 bomber, that’s a tutorial. Once you move away from the plane, everything is basically open, dynamic traversal where the player has the freedom to roam around a jump from location to location with ease.”

However there will be some linearity, “There is linearity to the story – you have to go from point A to point B – but there’s junctions in between where we want the player to feel like they’re real explorers.”

The game will be using an XP system where player is able to upgrade Lara’s abilities. For example you can upgrade her arrow capacity, increase the speed of “reloading” the bow. you can upgrade her equipment using materials you find. All upgrades can only be done at base camps. As you progress, the upgrade system will open up, allowing players to upgrade their play style. (Will be something like in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.)

There are scenes which will happen only once where you have to do thing at the first try & right time to get an impact to the story-telling.

Remember check out the E3 trailer and Microsoft E3 keynote gameplay demo!

E3 Trailer

MICROSOFT E3 Keynote Gameplay Demo

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