Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

SQPR Presents: Lightning Returns – A Change Is Coming Commercial

It’s time for a new video! This time our little commercial is featuring a beautiful song called “A Change Is Coming” by Stephanie McIntosh! I chose this song since it’s lyrics fit well to the story of Lightning Returns and I wanted to use more rock and acoustic music in the video!

Hah, you may have already noticed through these two and half years that I love to edit videos, write some news and, of course, fanboy Lightning. Tonight I edited this but don’t worry, I have also planned few other videos that may see the daylight at some point this year. Please be excited!


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    • You are welcome! Personally, I’m so excited about Lightning Returns! Friend got to play it at one event and it sounded incredible! Looking forward to get my hands-on to it too! :]

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