Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Hope Is Back in Lightning Returns with New Screenshots and Render

So much Lightning Returns news today! Alongside the reveal of European boxart and pre-order extra of Lightning Returns, we also got new screenshots of Hope as well! In the game, Hope helps Lightning with her mission by giving her information about the upcoming object and mission, and supplies.  The screenshots also reveal that Lightning needs to collect something that is called “Eradia.” It helps a special tree to grow stronger and it has turned out that it also buys more time for the world before the end.


The place, where Hope is located, is the heart of New Cocoon.  Like you may have already noticed, Hope looks like taken back from Final Fantasy XIII and isn’t adult anymore. There is a mysterious mystery what make him turn into boy and it will be revealed later…


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  1. Hmm…the inclusion with Yggdrasil (the special tree, according to other sources) is fitting considering they’ve used Norse mythos in 13-2.

    It’s also neat to see how they’ve improved in graphics for young Hope. his hair, for example, looks much better than his original 13 version.

    As for Hope being young, could it have something to do with the Tree? Since it buys more time for the world, that essentially means it turns the clock back. If that’s the case, could Hope have somehow reverted back to his younger self? Maybe he discovered the tree, and coming into contact with it is what triggered his change. Regardless, for Lightning, it’s like she never left since Hope is the same age when she last saw him, lol!

    • Yep I bet SE made this move so there wouldn’t b Light x Hope shippers out there. If he’s young light and hope will b just friend. But like nv8hft said there might b a quest to make him older.

  2. I’m sure many girls that were fans of Hopes older look are really sad. I think it’s kinda funny though, from the way Hope was talking in the previous trailer, I think the voice actor is still using his grown up Hope voice. Which is funny to me cuz I’m sure Lightnings like what an adult voice for a little kid XD.

  3. Was kinda wondering why hes younger again – much better as an adult :p
    Most probably be some quest to get him older again
    Saying that – perhaps there are places where time has gone back – like pocket dimensions – and you have to put everything back into balance – on the same timeline
    Damn – getting excited for this game now :D

    • Pocket dimensions is a great idea, but Light isn’t changing in age… Maybe that’s because she’s the Chosen One? Finding distortions throughout the world is going to be fun!

      On a side note, I bet a younger Lightning would be cute! ^o^

      • Yeah – maybe shes an exception? – perhaps – haha it would be weird to have and see lightning change age all through the game lol xD

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