Lady Gaga to Feature in Square Enix’s Game! Watch the Announcement Trailer!

My secret wishes have come true today when Lady Gaga, the singer of hit songs such as “The Edge of Glory” and “Bad Romance”, is featuring in a Square Enix game. Will her well-known unique costumes be outfits for Lightning in LR:FFXIII? Sadly, no.

However, Gaga, Gwen Stefani and LMFAO are being featured as a downloadable content for Square Enix iOS game called Groove Coaster Zero that is a music rhythm game. The DLC is simply called “Global Hits Pack” and these are its  contents:

  • Poker Face / Lady Gaga
  • Bad Romance / Lady Gaga
  • Party Rock Anthem / LMFAO
  • What You Waiting For? / Gwen Stefani

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