Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered: Soul Suspect Concept Art

Most people think that death is the end, but for Ronan O’Connor, a Salem police detective with a chequered past, it is just the beginning.

When Ronan is caught in a violent burglary, his life is brought to an untimely and brutal end. Shocked to find himself in the afterlife, his only escape from the limbo world of ‘Dusk’ is to hunt down his killer using new-found supernatural abilities.

Set in Salem Massachusetts, players have the freedom to explore the New England-style wooden houses, narrow streets, gothic churches and historical landmarks for clues. They will need to battle demonic spirits to preserve their souls whilst uncovering the shocking revelations about who is responsible for their death.

Have a peek at this little behind-the-scenes on the making of Murdered: Soul Suspect with the concept art shown below including notes from one of the artists!


Early on in the game we needed to identify how populated the town would be. To make sure we got an appropriate sense of life in the world. This concept was specifically designed to establish that for this investigation moment on the street.


We knew we had to establish an appropriate presentation for the graffiti collectible in the game. Here in the apartments is the first time the player encounters this collectible. This concept allowed us to establish some rules around where and how these collectibles are presented. For instance, the discrete images in the whole presentation would disappear over a bright environment. We had to make sure that our lighting and textures provided a dark space for this presentation to really sing.



For this early concept, we really wanted to establish a sense of investigation. The direction here was to establish mood and tone through atmosphere lighting and palette. You can really see the dichotomy between the warm and cold values that continued on to influence the look and feel of the whole game.

Stay tuned for more art and announcements in the future!


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