Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Artwork: The Shadow Hunter


Here is a beautiful piece of conceptual artwork from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII showing the shadow hunter, Noel, who has fallen in despair and regret after committing the ultimate sin. He has killed many saviors before the arrival of Lightning…

The text that is written in Etro’s script alphabet to the wall (with the blood of killed saviors?) says:


Other letters get cut off and they don’t say anything special… or do they? Can you perhaps unlock the mystery behind it?

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  1. Oh, John, I thought you’d find this of interest: there’s a person who started a petition to get a collector’s edition for the US, UK, etc. I learned about it from LR News on tumblr. Here’s the link:

    Think it’d be possible?

    Also, I love the new layout you’ve got going here! great organization, and it keeps the spoilers at bay. ;)

  2. It’s interesting to note that Noel has killed other saviors in the past…much like the gang murdering all the young women. Is he in league with them, or is he playing vigilante? He seems like the solo-type.

    • I agree! He’s become quite the brooding type! Oh what a tangled web we weave! I like the butterflies, though. They juxtapose the blood on the wall and the darker atmosphere quite nicely.

      Hope you’re doing well, btw. :)

      • Doing awesome, (if I don’t die from a heart attack from waiting for this game XD ). But it’s interesting that u mentioned those butterflies, if I remember correctly in an early concept art piece, there were the same exact butterflies in this foresty looking place. Nice taking to you, been a while XD.

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