Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

GameStop’s Lightning Returns Pre-order Bonus For North America


Pre-order Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII from NA GameStop and get an exclusive bonus of unlocking 2 of Lightning’s Samurai garbs, Dark Samurai and Flower of Battle! See them in action below.

Flower of Battle

Dark Samurai

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  1. I pre-ordered mine online off of Best Buy months ago. Did they have the Cloud outfit with that? I think I should have waited a while. I want these new outfits too :/

  2. I still want to wait until I hear about a special edition to pre order. But if we don’t get a special edition at least I’ll have some thing worth pre ordering for. =)

    • Same here! XD I love seeing Light in the Dark Samurai. Makes her look so mysterious! ^o^ Although it cracks me up that she sheaths her sword with air.

    • Cloud’s outfit aka Soldier 1st Class uniform is available as pre-order extra on Amazon and Gamestop, for example. I recommend you to ask your retailer if they are providing it with your copy of the game. :)

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