A Brand New SaGa Game in the Works

Akitoshi Kawazu has been teasing a new announcement for a while…
and today the secret was revealed!

According to people who attended One Night Re:Birth Again concert, Akitoshi Kawazu  (the producer of SaGa series) announced that they’re working on a brand new entry! They didn’t reveal any specific information on the game or its release platforms but we’ll be hearing more later this year.

The new game is part of the celebration for the 25th anniversary of the SaGa series. Alongside the new game, there will be a new remixes album, Re:Birth II -Sen-, released soon. The new album was premiered at the concert and it contains remixed music from the older entries of the series.

A picture of Akitoshi Kawazu on stage with Kenji Ito

A picture of Akitoshi Kawazu on stage with Kenji Ito [Main composer]

 Akitoshi Kawazu also stated that the celebration will be continuing in 2015 as well!

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  1. The artwork is by tomomi kobayashi. She is a long time illustrator for the SaGa series and one of my favorite artists. I hope they get her again to do the concept and character designs.

  2. Awesome!
    and correct me if im wrong but is that Amanos work up top? – looks alot like his style – im a fan :o

    • I would have thought it’s a bit too masculine for him. He enjoys playing with the effeminate and the female form from what I’ve seen.

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