Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII DLC Out This Week

Square Enix announces new DLC for LIGHTNING RETURNS™: FINAL FANTASY® XIII, the recently released action role-playing game. The new DLC comprises costume packs, Xbox avatar items, themes and the Japanese Voice Pack. The new garb DLC will be out on X360 today, and on PS3 tomorrow. You can read more about PS3 themes here.

lightning_returns_final_fantasy_13_ps3_xbox_360_9Ultimate Savior €3.99

·         Garb: Celestial Body

·         Weapon: Excalibur

·         Shield: Aegis Shield

·         Adornment: Tiara of the Goddess
lightning_returns_final_fantasy_13_ps3_xbox_360_1Moogle Lover €3.99

·         Garb: Moogle Queen

·         Weapon: Mog’s Staff

·         Shield: Mog’s Shield

·         Adornment: Moogle Hat


Divine Wear €3.99

·         Garb: Cosmocrator

·         Weapon: Crocea Mors

·         Shield: Abyss Gate

·         Adornment: Deathless Mask

Buy all three and save with The Premium Collection

 The Premium Collection (€9.99/£7.99)

·        Ultimate Savior, Moogle Lover, Divine Wear

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  1. Ahh, yes! Finally. Been waiting for the Divine Wear to finally get released here. Definitely one of her best looking outfits, giving her that dark, powerful, menacing look. Couple that with the fact that her idle animation has her floating in mid-air while in a sitting pose, it just makes the whole ensemble all the more badass. Not to mention that giant double-ended blade she wields, and her awesome victory pose. It’s all just too perfect *drools* Can’t wait to purchase.

  2. Nice! – really like the first one ^ Ultimate Savior – and it comes with Excalibur :D
    That Moogle one looks so weird haha
    Divine Wear reminds me of both Ultimecia and The Emperor
    Will be buying them all :3

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