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Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call Tracklist Revealed [FFVIII-XIV]

Square Enix has updated the official Japanese Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call website. The latest update contains samples and the tracklist of the game. Now they have revealed tracks coming from Final Fantasy VIII to Final Fantasy XIV. The first half of the tracklist was revealed a few weeks ago. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call will be out in Japan on 24th April. The western release timing remains unknown.

Final Fantasy VIII

  • Don’t be Afraid (BMS)
  • Force Your Way (BMS)
  • The Man with the Machine Gun (BMS)
  • Maybe I’m a Lion (BMS)
  • The Extreme (BMS)
  • Blue Fields (FMS)
  • Find Your Way (FMS)
  • Waltz for the Moon (FMS)
  • Fisherman’s Horizon (FMS)
  • Ride On (FMS)
  • The Castle (FMS)
  • Ending Theme (FMS)

Final Fantasy IX

  • Battle 1 (BMS)
  • Battle 2 (BMS)
  • Swords of Fury (BMS)
  • Festival of the Hunt (BMS)
  • Something to Protect (BMS)
  • The Darkness of Eternity (BMS)
  • The Final Battle (BMS)
  • Over the Hill (FMS)
  • Dark City Treno (FMS)
  • Aboard the Hilda Garde (FMS)
  • Not Alone (FMS)
  • Behind the Door (FMS)
  • Melodies of Life ~ Final Fantasy (FMS)
  • A Place to Call Home (FMS)

Final Fantasy X

  • Battle Theme (BMS)
  • Fight with Seymour (BMS)
  • Challenge (BMS)
  • Otherworld (BMS)
  • A Contest of Aeons (BMS)
  • Final Battle (BMS)
  • Zanarkand (FMS)
  • Spira Unplugged (FMS)
  • Mi’ihen Highroad (FMS)
  • Movement in Green (FMS)
  • Suteki da ne (FMS)
  • Launch (FMS)
  • Servants of the Mountain (FMS)
  • A Fleeting Dream (FMS)

Final Fantasy XI

  • Battle Theme (BMS)
  • “FFXI Opening Theme” (BMS)
  • Awakening (BMS)
  • Fighters of the Crystal (BMS)
  • Ragnarok (BMS)
  • Shinryu (BMS)
  • Vana’diel March (FMS)
  • Ronfaure (FMS)
  • Gustaberg (FMS)
  • Sarutabaruta (FMS)
  • Heavens Tower (FMS)
  • Voyager (FMS)
  • Selbina (FMS)
  • The Sanctuary of Zi’Tah (FMS)

Final Fantasy XII

  • Boss Battle (BMS)
  • Battle with an Esper (BMS)
  • Life and Death (BMS)
  • Flash of Steel (BMS)
  • Struggle for Freedom (BMS)
  • Ending Movie (BMS)
  • Streets of Rabanastre (FMS)
  • The Dalmasca Estersand (FMS)
  • Heart of a Child (FMS)
  • Giza Plains (FMS)
  • The Mosphoran Highwaste (FMS)
  • The Arcadian Empire (FMS)

Final Fantasy XIII

  • Blinded by Light (BMS)
  • Defiers of Fate (BMS)
  • Saber’s Edge (BMS)
  • Desperate Struggle (BMS)
  • Fighting Fate (BMS)
  • The Sunleth Waterscape (FMS)
  • March of the Dreadnoughts (FMS)
  • The Gapra Whitewood (FMS)
  • The Archylte Steppe (FMS)
  • Dust to Dust (FMS)

Final Fantasy XIV

  • The Land Breathes (BMS)
  • Fallen Angel (BMS)
  • Torn from the Heavens (BMS)
  • Under the Weight (BMS)
  • To the Sun (FMS)
  • On Westerly Winds (FMS)
  • Serenity (FMS)
  • Engage (FMS)
  • Answers (EMS)

Thanks for our French babes who made the original translation from FFWorld <3

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  1. So, if I remember the total of songs that were revealed for the other half – add that to this list… about 154 songs so far!
    Can’t remember, if they said it was a total of 200 songs or over that – still alot more to announce though.

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