Square Portal Pop – “Fansites & Community” Song Released + Explained

Happy April everyone! 

This year, we wanted to try something new with April Fools. Instead of creating fake news on theme song singers or possible Final Fantasy or other Square Enix announcements, we create this parody song of Crayon Pop’s new music video. “Fansites & Community” is a funny song about working on fansites, happenings behind the scenes, and how dependent we are of you. This may lead to desperate actions and other ridiculous stuff in order to reach more popularity for pages.

You may not guess how much time and effort is put to make a site like Square Portal or other “competitors” websites. For us, it’s most of our free time and sometimes it gets slightly tiring, especially when studying and trying to do other important things in real life. That’s why, we sometimes get annoyed by the fact some fansites/fans are taking things way too seriously and even try to drag each other down by creating useless drama. We may sound idealists but we really hope the Final Fantasy/Square Enix community will become even more open minded and provide a home for every fan in the future. After all, we all share the same passion and interests. The world has bigger problems than some anonymous user who didn’t like the same game as you did.

But THANK YOU all for giving us your support and having great talks on comments section. We have been very pleased to see that people around here are writing good arguments on your comments instead of attacking a person with differing thoughts. This is true social networking revolution! Keep it up and everyone will enjoy their time here!

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  1. Oh my god! This is so hilarious and ridiculous! I have been watching this for an hour already… I just can’t stop watching this. Thank you for cheering up my April Fools day! :’)

    I never realized before this how much effort you guys put on making news and articles for US… It’s truly something epic and I’m grateful you are ready to spend your time doing something like this for OTHERS. Thank YOU..

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