Square Portal Design Update | Spring 2014 Edition

Spring is coming! Birds are singing! Flowers are blooming! Well, not here in Finland. We are still surrounded by snow and freezing to death. BUT STAY POSITIVE because that didn’t stop us getting a brand new Spring look!


At first, this may seem just another plastic surgery we have got in these few years, but we actually added new cool features as well! After getting requests, we added “RSS feed” to the sidebar! From there, you can also find “ARCHIVES”, which is a mysterious time machine: select a month – and BAM – you are viewing news from that era. Since the comment section has become more popular recently, we tweaked it to look even better that viewing and writing comments is more pleasing now on. I hope you love this new look and enjoy these new updates.


We’ve been happy to read all your mature comments with great arguments! However, we have needed to delete a few comments because of aggressive behavior such as bullying. That’s why I want to remind you that we don’t accept it. Also, remember to use big starting letters and dots! By adding them, others’ reading experience will be more enjoyable, and you will be taken more seriously. It’s a win-win situation! Thanks!

Thank you all for the support and love! We will keep improving the site and providing more content in the future as well!

Kind regards,
Editor-in-Chief of Square Portal

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  1. The weather is beginning to pick up a bit here but we’re still getting rain lol (Its the norm here in Wales)
    I like seeing these changes – makes the site refreshing and new everytime i come on here :)

  2. I almost got heart attack when I came to the site and saw how dramatically it had changed! I really prefer this new look over the previous one. The site so much fresher and clearer now. Ahh… I can feel the spring – Even though we don’t have winter in my country!

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