Cosmos #3 | Final Fantasy EDM, Remixes, Music for Simon Pegg’s New Movie, A Kickstarter Project | Interview: Who is Contra?

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It’s time to get ready to rave our fellow readers! The third Cosmos transmission is featuring amazing EDM music by talented Final Fantasy fans, Lance Lasheras and Justin Kim. They are Canadian producers who have formed a duo called “Contra eight years ago in Tokyo, where they worked as DJs. 2014 will be a big year for Contra: they are getting ready to release new music, and being featured in cool projects such as a movie soundtrack and a KickStarter game project.

Since we all are huge Final Fantasy fans, today Cosmos is highlighting Contra’s “Final Fantasy” ~Aerith’s Theme Remix~ song. It has reached over 100 000 plays on SoundCloud, and got featured on EDM.com! Listen to “Final Fantasy” and download it for free below! Other Contra remixes are available on their SoundCloud page.

Square Portal: “So, how did Contra come up with the idea to create “Final Fantasy”?”

Contra: “I was a massive Final Fantasy 7 fan as a kid. As well a general video game nerd. With the huge big room house sound that’s blowing up, I thought a pairing would work out really well. It’s just such a beautiful theme, that it really belongs its time in the spotlight (or the club.)”

Square Portal: “How does your producing progress go? For example, how long it takes until you have all the arrangements, sounds and writings done for your songs.”

Contra: “Well, we work together in the studio about 3-4 days a week. Depending on the song or the direction it can take a really long time to perfect something. Other times it just comes out instantly, electronic production is very strange that way. In the case of Final Fantasy since the chorus was already perfect we had a lot less work to do than we normally would.”

While spending most of their time in the studio, Contra is also working on multiple big projects such as a movie soundtrack for Simon Pegg’s movie “Hector And The Search For Happiness”.

Square Portal: “How does it feel to be part of Simon Pegg‘s movie “Hector And The Search For Happiness”? How this project differs from your usual work?”

Contra: “Very complicated and very specific. They had already finished the clubs scenes before sending it to us so we had to actually compose the club music in perfect timing to the scenes themselves.”

Thanks for giving us this quick interview and interesting insight to your work, Contra. We are looking forward to see what you have to show us and the world in the future! Keep working hard! By the way, another big project we mentioned in the beginning of the report is the KickStarter project. Contra is also working on it! It’s a brand new video game. Please visit their KickStarter page and show your support if you feel so! www.superadventuremegaquest.com

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  1. These Cosmos posts are so inspiring! So awesome to see you guys highlighting talented people from our community, something others are not doing that much. And I loved this Aerith’s theme remix since EDM music is my guilty pleasure. Plus, it’s good idea to post these interviews while showing off art. They give a good image how much these people work on their projects and how much time and effort is put on them.

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