Piano Opera FINAL FANTASY VII / VIII / IX Now Available on iTunes

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“Piano Opera FINAL FANTASY VII / VIII / IX” is now available for $11.88/€11.88 on iTunes.
 It’s the third release of  the”Piano Opera” series which features piano arrangements of songs from the Final Fantasy series. Square Enix has already released two albums before: each of them focusing on three different Final Fantasy games, I-III and IV-VII.


  • OP1 Ami (From “FINAL FANTASY VIII”) -Nobuo Uematsu | 4:01
  • OP2 Fight On! (From “FINAL FANTASY VII) – Nobuo Uematsu | 3:02
  • OP3 Cosmo Canyon (From “FINAL FANTASY VII) – Nobuo Uematsu | 3:06
  • OP4 the Man with the Machine Gun (From “FINAL FANTASY VIII) – Nobuo Uematsu | 3:26
  • OP5 Not Alone (From “FINAL FANTASY IX) – Nobuo Uematsu | 3:32
  • OP6 Liberi Fatali (From “FINAL FANTASY VIII) – Nobuo Uematsu | 3:20
  • OP7 Words Drowned by Fireworks (From “FINAL FANTASY VII) – Nobuo Uematsu | 3:40
  • OP8 Festival of the Hunt (From “FINAL FANTASY IX) – Nobuo Uematsu | 3:29
  • OP9 Force Your Way (From “FINAL FANTASY VIII) – Nobuo Uematsu | 3:21
  • OP10 Roses of May (From “FINAL FANTASY IX) -Nobuo Uematsu | 4:08
  • OP11 Opening – Bombing Mission (From “FINAL FANTASY VII) -Nobuo Uematsu | 4:21
  • OP12 Melodies of Life (From “FINAL FANTASY IX) – Nobuo Uematsu | 3:46


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