Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy Agito Now Available for iOS / Android in Japan


Final Fantasy Agito is now available for iOS and Android devices in Japan!

Square Enix’s latest mobile game is out now for all Japanese iOS/Android device owners for free! Even though the game is a free-to-play, it has microtransactions in some form. If you happen to download the game from the Japanese store, make sure you have enough space left in your device, because the game size is 2.6GB. Square Enix also recommends, that for the best experience they hope you’re using iPhone 5 or newer.

Final Fantasy Agito has a normal story mode and it also supports online multiplayer, where you can beat bosses together with your friends. There’re lots of customization choices for outfits, armors and weapons. The graphics are newly made to support hi-resolution screens and battle system has been re-vamped for  the touch screen.

Final Fantasy Agito for Android
Final Fantasy Agito for iOS

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  1. Here’s hoping we get a quick localization announcement!. It’s actually kind of unusual for their Mobile offerings not to be simltaneously released or announced for multiple regions.

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