Microsoft Reveals Their Gamescom 2014 Briefing Schedule for Xbox

Update: Microsoft has opened their live stream website!

Gamescom 2014 will be starting within two weeks! It’s one of the biggest game events in the world, and  nearly all game companies will be represented there! Since Square Enix already announced their Gamescom 2014 lineup, it’s no surprise they will be there as well. Prepare yourself for new announcements and new details on Square Enix’s already revealed titles. Perhaps they will be making an appearance at Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft’s presentations like during E3 2014.

Microsoft has revealed their Xbox media briefing will be taking place at Gamescom on 12th August. The live event will be starting at 14:00 CEST and it can be followed on their official website, Xbox consoles and Windows Phones. We will be sharing links to the stream once available. Immediately after their media briefing, they will be arranging an aftershow where you can get a deeper look at the announced games.

Experience the best of Xbox direct from Gamescom, Cologne, Germany ‐ Europe’s largest gaming event and tradeshow! Get daily highlight videos, watch the Xbox briefing on August 12th and see the latest exclusive trailers, news and announcements from the show.

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  1. Apart from the video being nice, I’m a little puzzled about why this was put up. I hope this isn’t going to turn into a site filled with massive speculation like… KDramaStars. I know it’s a harsh comparison, but that was my reaction once I saw this post.

    • We are just reporting about the game hardware companies schedules like we do during E3. Square Enix always makes the biggest announcements at these companies’ presentations, so it’s just natural to report about them. :)

      In addition, our speculation posts (which are quite rare) are based on factual information and have always turned out to be true. For example, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was revealed for the West.

      Four Reasons Why Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Remaster May Appear at E3 2014

      Edit: However, I totally understand your worries and I can promise we won’t be doing many speculation posts in the future, since we don’t really report rumors and such a things at all. Rumors are only noted if we feel they are likely true when viewed the large scale context, and even by then we are careful at reporting them. Rumors often tend to be quite misleading and may lead to misunderstandings amongst the fans if they don’t follow the latest reports frequently.

      Only place where you will be seeing speculation here is the comments section and special articles where we are discussing about possibilities and what we would like to see in the games or gaming events. :)

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