Nosgoth Gets Revamped Founders Packs – Join in Fun Now!


You will be able to read about our experiences with Nosgoth and learn more about the game later today when its entry in our “Introducing” series is released! Please, stay tuned!

What’s Founders Program?

The Nosgoth Founders Program is Square Enix way to provide an early access for players to play Nosgoth. It offer players a multitude of options as to how they first enter Nosgoth and give access to exclusive content such as character and weapon skins, early access to advanced classes, plus bundles of extras such as friend invites and boosters. By purchasing the pack, you automatically get into the closed beta which is live now. You can buy the founders packs here.

There Are New Founders Packs Available

“The adjusted pack contents are outlined below, and in line with the changes, the pack prices have now been lowered. Any packs purchased from today onwards will include the new contents, and are charged at the new prices. Please note that as outlined below, these packs no longer include Runestones, and that both the Human and Vampire Packs have now ended, and are no longer available.” – CAT KARSKENS, SQUARE ENIX

The Founders Packs:

Veteran Pack
$4.99 / £2.99 / 3.65 €

Play Now
1,500 Gold
30-Day Major All Booster (+50% XP & Gold)
Veteran Badge

Warlord Pack
$12.99 / £7.99 / 9.50 €

Play Now
4,000 Gold
1 invite (w/250 Gold)
2 Silver War Chests
30 Day Epic All Booster (+100% XP & Gold)
Warlord Badge

Warband Pack
$19.99 / £12.99 / 14.60 €

Play Now
6,000 Gold
Warband Badge
2 invites (w/250 Gold)
2 Silver War Chest
2 Golden War Chest
Warband Name Reservation
Founder’s 30-Day Booster (+100% XP & Gold, +25% Shared)

Immortal Pack
$49.99 / £29.99 / 36.50 €

Play Now
15,000 Gold
Immortal Badge
10 invites (w/250 Gold)
Warband Name Reservation
5 Silver War Chest
5 Golden War Chest
Immortal Founder’s 30 Day Booster (+100% XP & Gold, +50% Shared)
Founder’s Reaver Skin
Founder’s Scout Bow
Founder’s Hunter Crossbow
Early Access to Sentinel Class
Early Access to Scout Class
6 Weapon Name Tags


Explaining the contents:

Play Now
Each pack grants you instant access to the Nosgoth Closed Beta.

This is the in-game currency you can use to purchase new abilities and weapons.

A temporary boost in XP and Gold you earn. With a 100% boost, for instance, you will earn double the amount of XP/Gold you normally would, for the duration of the boost.

An in-game badge you display in the game lobby, to show off your Founder status. Each badge type has a different appearance, and if you have more than one, you can equip your preferred one through the Inventory.

Each pack includes one or more friend invites. With these invites you’ll be able to provide friends with immediate access to the Nosgoth Closed Beta.

Warband Name Reservation
With this option you’ll be able to reserve your preferred Warband name. Warbands are currently in development for Nosgoth, and are what you may refer to as a Clan or Guild in other games. More detail on Warbands will be released over time, so keep an eye out for that.

War Chests
Chests contain rare, distinctive items that you won’t be able to purchase through the in-game store. A Silver Chest contains one uncommon Human or Vampire item, and Gold chests contain one rare Human item and one rare Vampire item.

Founder’s Reaver Skin
An exclusive skin (cosmetic item) for the Reaver vampire character class. This skin is not available to purchase separately, and only comes in the Immortal Founders Pack.

Founder’s Scout Bow & Founder’s Hunter Crossbow
Cosmetic variations of the Scout’s Bow and Hunter’s Crossbow, with a unique gold sheen, making you stand out among your team. They are only available in the Immortal Founders Pack, and not available to purchase separately.

Early Access to Sentinel Class
The Sentinel Class can be unlocked by playing and levelling up. With this access token, you can unlock the Sentinel class right away! Available in the Immortal Founders Pack.

Early Access to Scout Class
The Scout Class can also unlocked by playing and levelling up. Unlock the Scout instantly with this token, available in the Immortal Founders Pack.

Weapon Name Tags
With Name Tags artefacts, you will be able to personalise a weapon in your inventory. Each tags can be used to customise one weapon, with a name of your choosing. These tags are included in the Immortal Founders Pack.

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