Final Fantasy XV Demo Coming In 2015

Gameinformer has announced that a downloadable demo for  Final Fantasy XV will be available in 2015, and lets players see some opening sections of the game in action.

Square Enix calls the demo Episode Duscae and it focuses on the early parts of the game. The demo is a bit altered in order to make it work better.

Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae will be free because it’s included as a voucher with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, which releases on March 17 in North America.

Update: We have uploaded a higher quality version of the new artwork – it’s approx. 1700×950. 

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  1. This is sign – i can definitely see a 2015 release for XV now O_O!
    Best news of the day – even if it is a demo xD
    Since Type-0 HD is out March 20th for Europe – i better start saving for that PS4!! – will want to get my hands on this :3

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