“Final Fantasy XV Will Likely Appear at Jump Festa 2015” – Hajime Tabata

The boys are going to Jump Festa 2015!

The boys are going to Jump Festa 2015!

This week has been crazy when it comes to new Final Fantasy XV content: a new trailer, a playable demo announcement, a live demonstration and much more. And there won’t be another a year and half long hiatus for new reveals, if we can believe the game director, Hajime Tabata. According to Tabata: “Final Fantasy XV will likely appear at Jump Festa 2015, because we want to make a big impression (= kick ass) with Final Fantasy XV.” Earlier Tabata also stated that he wants Final Fantasy XV to be the title that makes everyone want to buy a new-generation console.

Jump Festa 2015 will be held on 21st December, 2014 in Japan. This means we have to wait max. three months until new details, but it’s possible we will be hearing more soon. Famitsu and other Japanese magazines tend to have interviews with the developers after new trailers have been released, and the interview could be out next week!

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    • For me this has been the case ever since 2006. But then again so is the case with any installment in the main series. Unless you count the abominations called XI and XIV. Which I don’t. :P

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