Important: Square Portal Re-Launches Their Facebook Page

This is the end of the Final Fantasy XIII-2 | Versus XIII News era.

This is the end of the Final Fantasy XIII-2 | Versus XIII News era.

At first, we would like to thank you all who have been supporting us over the years. We hope you will be joining us on this new account as well. You can also find us on Twitter.

Today, we are announcing the re-launch of Square Portal Facebook page. Previously, we have been using “Final Fantasy XIII-2 News” and “Final Fantasy Versus XIII News” as our primary accounts for our site because we had plans to rename both sites and combine them together, bringing all over 9300 likes together.

For a while, it seemed we could do it and we tried to work behind the scenes to perform a magical name change overnight. Unfortunately, it seems Facebook won’t be allowing us to do it because it’s a feature only for “big brands” who pay for advertisements etc. You can obviously guess we don’t have resources or profits to pay ads, which is why we decided to relaunch the page. Our older Facebook pages will stop working soon and we hope you follow the new page to receive the latest news.

A Message from Johnny / A Little Story from the Past

This announcement makes me feel extremely emotional because it will be officially the end of the Final Fantasy XIII-2 / Versus XIII News era. These sites will be forgotten soon and become relics of the past. But that’s life… Four years ago, I launched both of these sites and I was so happy to see them grow so fast and so huge. It wasn’t glory, power or money why I started to do Final Fantasy XIII-2 News, it was pure passion and love towards the series and video games. For two years, I worked hard on Final Fantasy XIII-2 News and the game was released on 1st February and the final downloadable content in May 2012.

The time after that was very depressing because I felt very empty like I had lost something that has been changing and defining me as a human being for two years. Honestly, I didn’t know what I should do next. Then one summer day, I got an idea – “Square Portal”. It all happened approx. 6am when I was driving to my summer job, which was planting trees in the forest by the way, hah. That actually works as a metaphor for today’s announcement. As we leave these two respected “trees” standing proudly the place where they belong, we also plant the seed of a new future – the future of new Square Portal Facebook page! (hah)

I would like to let you all know how much your support means to me. Whether it’s a new Final Fantasy XV trailer or a key chain or a pin, you are always there being excited, happy or even having meltdowns, hah. It’s very rewarding in many ways, and one of the reasons, why I keep doing this, is you.

You make me feel like a young fanboy who just entered into the community – like I did back in 2006 when I finally became something I like to call “a fan”. Thank you for being here for me, thank you for being here for others, thank you for being here for Square Portal. I would like to tease you that I’m working on some very cool projects at the moment, and I hope I get to share more about them soon! Like Square Enix would say: Please be excited.

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  1. This site has been a welcome place for me to visit. Often, I hear things well before any other news site gets wind of it. And it gives me a good look at the fan community through the comments and such. I, for one, appreciate all that you have done. :)

    • Thank you! Your comment is well appreciated! Our community is pretty rad on Twitter, for example, and discussing there with readers is always so awesome! :)

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