“Little Machines” by Lights Out Now | Featuring “Portal” and “Up We Go”

No guys, this isn’t a paid advertisement, hah! Remember “Lights”, that Canadian singer with a huge passion towards the Final Fantasy series and Lightning? She even has the same haircut as Lightning, and cosplayed her too! Since she is one of our friends, we thought to show our support and share her brand new album “Little Machines” with you! The album, featuring “Portal” (our favorite!) and “Up We Go”, is out now and available on multiple retailers. You can buy the digital version from iTunesAmazon or Google Play!

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We are happy to share a message from the artist herself:

The time has come!

I’m extremely proud to finally be able to give you Little Machines! It’s been an incredible and challenging three years since my last release. I feel like I’ve learned so much and grown as a person and a musician, and all of that experience and passion is wrapped up into these songs.


Over the time I spent working on this record, through heavy writer’s block, poetry, painting, long nights, cold winters, pain, love, and desert writing getaways, I came to realize how important it is just to enjoy life, live in the moment, and just chill out. Hopefully this record is as enjoyable for you to listen to as it was for me to record and finally put together!

Blast it in your car or house or spaceship. Doesn’t matter, just enjoy it! And I’ll see you on the Little Machines Tour this fall!


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  1. Yep, the album is good and worthy of a purchase. Lots of experimenting with new vocal styles on this one.

    My favorite is Same Sea.

  2. Lights looks amazing as Lightning! Already bought the album, it’s amazing! I’m a huge Lights fan. I hope that I’m able to see her on tour this time, I missed the Siberia tour.

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