Square Enix Postpones “DIVE IN” Release

Square Enix Japan
has published a new press release stating the company has found issues from the upcoming “DIVE IN” application. The developers are currently investigating the issues, but due to its nature, Square Enix has to postpone the release of the application to bring the best possible experience for its customers. Originally, the company planned to release the app on 9th October in Japan. The president of Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda, apologizes the delay and hopes the customers could wait a bit longer.

“DIVE IN” is a new streaming service that allows smartphones and tablets to run Square Enix’s latests games such as Final Fantasy XIII and Murdered. There will be some old classics like Final Fantasy VII and VIII as well. The players can try the service 30 minutes for free and after that they can choose how long they want to rent each title. It’s recommended to use a fast Internet connection while playing the games through the app.

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