Defined Final Fantasy XV Facts from The English Talk Show


It has been a few weeks after the Japanese version of the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD x Final Fantasy XV talk show premiered and most of the new information have been gathered from it already. Today, Square Enix finally published the English subtitled version of the video with more defined details and we thought to highlight the most important bits once more. Please, watch the full version of the talk show from here.

The short warping ability, which we saw in Final Fantasy XV E3 2013 trailer, is known as “Armiger”. In Latin, it means “carrying weapons or armor”. This could mean that Noctis’ weapons and armor are carrying him around in high speed.

Final Fantasy XV’s battle system is called Active Cross Battle / AXB. There will be separated buttons for attacks and skills and each weapon has its own skills and they will behave in battle accordingly. The defensive mode is used by other buttons and it consumes MP and it can’t be done infinitely. The developers also clarified that not all attacks can be evaded or guarded, but they demand a precise timing. When Tabata was explaining more about the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy Type-0 battle systems influence on Final Fantasy XV, he told the battle system still carries elements from those games but has become its own individual and unique system. For example, basic combo move is like in Final Fantasy Type-0, but that’s it. He just used it as an example to explain the battle system.


Previously, we told you the characters can cooperate in battles. This system is known as “the tandem attack system”. The tandem attacks evolve and chain differently: some abilities are triggered automatically and some are executed by the player. Tabata mentioned that parrying a stronger enemy’s attack flows into a tandem attack like in the E3 2013 trailer where Noctis parried the Iron Giant’s sword. The parrying system demand technical skills and a right timing from the player. If the player makes a mistake, the enemy will deal enormous damage to him.

Dungeons are back in Final Fantasy XV and they will be extremely challenging to attract the “hardcore” gamers. There will be more powerful enemies which use many status ailments as well. The player has to carefully plan how he will fight his way through the dungeon. The best rewards are waiting there, though!

The Final Fantasy XV team is planning to do more live events in the future and the next one will be premiering in November. Tabata and Akio Ofuji (The lead of the PR team) discussed they could add a live Twitter feed, where they could choose questions from the fans. Only problem that’s holding them back for now is the fact they don’t have a good name for their show yet! They can’t be Final Fantasy Type-0 HD talk show forever!(Hah, reminds a bit of our old Facebook page) Tabata promised that they will be sharing new Final Fantasy XV news at the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD event in Paris. Read more about it here.

Hajime Tabata is also planning to show the more human and direct side of the company: “I think showing what sort of team is making XV- – who’s developing the game – is an integral part of the process.”  He hopes that in the future other members of the team would be taking his spot in the talk shows and explaining more about their work since Tabata isn’t doing the game alone.

Remember how Square Enix shared the higher quality versions of the Final Fantasy XV car meme after the show? The idea came from a Final Fantasy XV graphics artist who had create a high quality template and then he showed it to the director Tabata: “I want the fans to use this, but what do you think?” Tabata joked that it would have been an issue to the producer Hashimoto, so they didn’t share it through official sources, but let a moogle to do it! In addition, it was great to hear the team is following our fans’ thoughts more carefully than we thought before, and the developers often discuss about things they hear from the internet.

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