Final Fantasy Type-0

“Zero” Is The International Theme Song Of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Square Enix Europe’s interview
with the director of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Hajime Tabata, has revealed that “Zero” will remain as the international theme song for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. They decided to not replace the song since it’s closely tied to the game itself. But because the song is in Japanese, there will be subtitles for the lyrics. “Zero” is by Bump of Chicken. Below you can read a quote from the interview:

“We did have the idea of doing an ‘International Version’ of the game,” Tabata-san explained, “but because the original game hadn’t been released yet, we thought it would be more important to release it as early as possible rather than worry about what extra features we can add in and how to make it an ‘International Version.'” Time is precious to Tabata-san and it’s quite clear that if he can at all help it, he doesn’t want to make fans wait any longer.

He is also careful about making sure that fans have a complete experience of his games, so no one is missing out content-wise. The main theme of Final Fantasy Type-0 called ‘ZERO’ by the band Bump of Chicken is heavily tied to the game – and music can sometimes be a tricky thing to culturally translate from Japan to the West.

“It’s a really good song and we thought it’d be best to keep the original appeal and impact of it for the fans,” said Tabata-san. “We discussed it with Bump of Chicken and the final verdict is that we’re going to keep the original Japanese version as it is, included in the European version too. That’s what all the members of Bump of Chicken agreed on so that’s what we decided to do. Obviously there will be subtitles for the lyrics of the song so you can understand its meaning.”

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  1. Subtitles… Heck yes!! And yes, I love this song, it’s been on my FF playlist since it was first released with the PSP game.

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