Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XIII-2 PC Runs In 60FPS & 1080p+, Final Fantasy XIII PC Patch Coming Too

Square Enix announces pre-orders are now live for Final Fantasy XIII-2 PC, priced at £12.99 / €15.99. The game is available to pre-order via the Square Enix Store and Steam, with those pre-ordering receiving 10% off.

There was also discussion about the quality of the Final Fantasy XIII PC during the launch, and Square Enix has decided to answer fans’ feedback. Final Fantasy XIII-2 PC includes a number of new features such as 60 FPS support from launch, customizable rendering resolution (720, 1080 and more) and Japanese Voice support with subtitles. The developers also confirm that Final Fantasy XIII PC will also be updated in December to include the customizable rendering resolution option.

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  1. Good. I thought the patch concerning the fixed resolution would happen at some point. At this rate of release (XIII in October, XIII-2 in December), Lightning Returns will be coming in February next year. Something to tide PC gamers over as they cry and weep that Type-0 isn’t coming to PC. For all the story has its ups and downs, gameplay wise, Lightning Returns is a very interesting and entertaining beast. In fact, the battle system is the only thing that critics have universally praised.

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