Drakengard / Nier Director Is Working On A New Project


Multiple developers have been discussing about their future plans in 107 developers interview by Dengeki, reveals Blog Esuteru. One of them was the Drakengard / Nier director Taro Yoko. In the interview, he teases a new project: “I can’t yet talk about my latest project because I would be killed by various people, if I did!” Recently, the president of Square Enix teased they are preparing to reveal a new RPG game this month – Could it be Taro Yoko’s next project?

Drakengard 3 was released for PlayStation 3 in Spring 2014. It’s available as digital download on the European PlayStation Store and as a physical release in North America. It follows a story of Intoners, six sisters who wield vast magical power through the gift of song and rule the world. But when Zero, the eldest sister, appears alongside her dragon to murder her sisters, chaos is unleashed. It’s a hack and slash role-playing game where you can even take to the skies on a dragon!

“Carnage has never looked so beautiful.” -tagline

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  1. Oh, this is the first news I read about a potential sequel/prequel/whateverquel of the Drakengard Series. I really hope that another spin-off will be released!

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