Final Fantasy Type-0

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Collector’s Edition Announced – Pre-Order Now!

The European Collector's Edition

The European Collector’s Edition

What’s the best way to wake up in the morning for a Final Fantasy fan? Well, of course hearing great news about your most anticipated title! Many of you have been praying to get a collector’s edition for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, and now Square Enix has granted that wish. It was announced last night that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be getting a special Collector’s Edition this Spring when the game launches worldwide.

For our luck or misfortune there’s only one difference between North American and European editions: black and white cover art. The pricing is set to 99,99 dollars / 89,99 euros. You can pre-order your copy from the official Square Enix Merchandise store: North America & Europe. Square Enix France Store: PlayStation 4 & Xbox One.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 17th March in North America, 19th March in Japan and 20th March in Europe.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Collector´s Edition includes the following content:

GOLDEN SteelBook™ CASE – using the unique artwork of famed illustrator Yoshitaka Amano, presented with a luxurious treatment.

FINAL FANTASY XV -EPISODE DUSCAE- – Playable demo for the hugely anticipated FINAL FANTASY XV game, available exclusively with FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD while stocks last.

FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 MANGA – Explore the origins of Class Zero in this content going beyond the scope of the story of the game. A 200-page manga previously only available in Japan, now in localised form with print treatment maintaining the spirit of the original.

COMPOSER´S SELECTION SOUNDTACK CD – including 15 tracks specially chosen by the composer of the original soundtrack, Takeharu Ishimoto.

HARDCOVER, LARGE-FORMAT 80-PAGE ARTBOOK – entitled Class Zero 842, this book chronicles the characters, enemies and world with a variety of high-quality rendered and concept artwork.

ACE´S CARDS – Five life-size replicas of the iconic cards used by Class Zero´s Ace.


Exclusive to SQUARE ENIX STORE Europe:
– EXCLUSIVE SLEEVE – showing unique artwork layout and deluxe print finish.

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  1. Ordering from the Square Enix store is not an option for me because I’m always redirected to the French store, and this means my game will be in French, including the artbook and the manga. So, that means I’ll have to order from my local retailer, and luckily they have it available! The content is more important for me than the outer appearance of the box.

      • My region is the Benelux (i.e. Belgium and The Netherlands), or I think you call it that. Anyway, I’m fine, no worries. My local retailer has it available and if I’m right, it’s always the UK versions we get here (I mean, everything is always in English or has the English language option). Never had any problems ordering with my local retailer. So, this time, I won’t have to order from Amazon (like I had to do with Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Collector’s Edition).

        It’s just a problem if I or someone else would ever order anything directly from the Square Enix online store, because I get redirected to the French store every time. My region “doesn’t exist” :) They make it highly uninteresting for anyone from my region to go buy it online on their store. And it’s not like I don’t want to, it’s more like I’m not capable of doing so. Thankfully, they make it available to retailers as well.

  2. Thought i’d leave this here – just found out that the Access for the FFXV Demo will only be included in the first shipment of Type-0 – so for those who pre-order and buy the game on it’s release will get the code – if you purchase the game after this you won’t have it

    So it’s incredibly Limited!

  3. Before anyone even asks: I would like to confirm that all pre-ordered copies of the game should contain the FFXV demo code – It doesn’t matter is it standard or collector’s edition – you will get the demo code.

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