The Final Fantasy XIII Saga Director Motomu Toriyama Returns


The Final Fantasy XIII saga director, Motomu Toriyama is returning with a new project soon! That’s right! According to the Dengeki PlayStation’s 20th anniversary special interview, Toriyama is preparing to reveal a brand new title. Previously, he has worked on many Final Fantasy games as Director (Final Fantasy X-2), Event Planner (Final Fantasy VII & Final Fantasy X) and Scenario Planner. (Final Fantasy X) He has also worked on multiple non-Final Fantasy projects such as The 3rd Birthday and Front Mission Evolved, for example

“We’re currently preparing to reveal a brand new title” Toriyama reveals in the interview. No further information was shared but the reveal might be happening sooner than expected. Earlier, the president of Square Enix was teasing about a new project that will be revealed later this month. The Drakengard / Nier director is also preparing a new game announcement shortly and the SaGa series is getting its 25th anniversary game reveal soon. Could they all be working on the same game/project?

Update: Toriyama revealedĀ 4gamer that he will be able to discuss more about the new title in 2015.

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  1. Given the fact that Lightning Returns was confirmed as the defacto last entry in the XIII series, it can’t be that. They’ve moved on from that. So could people please stop throwing stupid “XIII-4; Lightning Reborn” gags around for a few minutes. Let’s try to focus on what he could be doing now, like… The sorely needed X-3 to tidy up that story and world… Or a proper sequel to the 3rd Birthday that discards the fantasy… Or the next standalone entry in Ivalice or VII Compilation or Fabula Nova Crystallis…. Or….?

    • I’m hoping that he and/or Kitase are working on FF XVI. They’re the guys who can best be relied upon to release the game in a timely manner (since they’re already overcome the HD transition with XIII), and with the lessons they learned from XIII I think they could make something really special.

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