Announcing “Arcadia no Aoki Miko” | Artwork, Trailer, Music and Waifus

Arcadia no Aoki Miko

Arcadia no Aoki Miko is a new RPG coming from Square Enix and Neuron Age. The game is directed by Narutoshi Kono and produced by Taichi Ushioda. The story is written by Saera Jin and Masatoshi Kimura. You can also listen to a sample from the original soundtrack, which is composed by Naoshi Mizuta (the Final Fantasy XIII saga). The newest trailer is also featuring a theme song by Spirits/Kokia.

Since the game is still in development, there aren’t many details to share yet. “Arcadia no Aoki Miko” can be translated as “The Blue Maiden of Arcadia”. That’s why it isn’t surprising that the story follows maids and their adventures through the world while facing monsters and challenges. Based on the debut trailer, it seems like the main cast only consist of female characters and above you can see artwork of Anne, Paula, Laura and Claire. To learn more about the gameplay mechanic, watch the debut trailer below. Prepare to see even more female characters, summons and a puzzle like battle system.

Arcadia no Aoki Miko is scheduled for release in 2015. It’s downloadable title for smartphones.

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