Kingdom Hearts III

Square Enix Responds to Kingdom Hearts III Release Date Speculation


Square Enix has confirmed that they haven’t revealed the Kingdom Hearts III release date yet, as we predicted in the original post.


Original Story Behind the Drama: Goofy’s Voice Actor Believes Kingdom Hearts III Releases in 2015 – Will That Really Happen?

Let’s be realistic, that’s not likely the case.

Internet has exploded once again because Goofy’s voice actor Bill Farmer has tweeted that Kingdom Hearts III is releasing in 2015. In his tweets, he explains that the recordings have been finished (for him) and he has been working on the project for a few years. Farmer also mentions an interesting behind the scenes detail that audio recordings are done even before the key visuals are available.

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As you can guess, dropping this kind of comments is quite dangerous since many sources start to spread the information as truth, which will only confuse the community and people who don’t follow the news as frequently as the hardcore fans. It’s possible that Farmer has been goofing around and mixed two different titles together: Kingdom Hearts 3 and Kingdom Hearts 3D. Since all other Kingdom Hearts games have already received the HD treatment, the 3DS exclusive adventure is only one remaining without an updated look. Let’s not forget that there even was a teaser for Kingdom Hearts 3D HD in the recently released Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX collection. Another important fact is that during the recordings the voice actors rarely know the titles, which they are currently working on.

Certainly, it would be an amazing surprise, if the third mainline game was released this year. However, it seems extremely unlikely since the game is still in early development. If the recording are for Kingdom Hearts III, one possibility could be that Square Enix is planning to bundle a demo with Kingdom Hearts 3D HD ReMix to continue the same trend as they started with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Even that may not be a realistic theory. The safest thing is to not get too excited. 

Kingdom Hearts III is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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  1. I can’t really see it coming out this year – but i guess we’ll have to wait and see as the months pass by (since it’s still early days yet) – once we get more info and footage (of how far into development it is) – then that’s when we can give a good estimate on it’s release

  2. We decided to report about these tweets because many people were confused about the situation and we believe that every responsible site should try to clear the confusion. I hope most of you feel a bit more relaxed that it’s done now!

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