Kingdom Hearts III

New Tech Demo Shows What Kingdom Hearts III’s Engine Can Do

Last October, we reported that Kingdom Hearts III utilizes Unreal Engine 4 instead of Luminous. The development team decided to move to this new engine because Luminous is developed alongside Final Fantasy XV, which would have delayed the production of Kingdom Hearts III.

Now talented CG designer Dereau Denoit has create an impressive tech demo showing what Unreal Engine 4 can actually do. That picture above isn’t actually from IKEA’s latest catalog but an actual screenshot from “Unreal Paris” demo that proves how realistic objects and environments can be created with the engine. Watch the video below and see a player exploring a Parisian house with fancy rooms, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and dining room.

It’s worth-noting that the tech demo isn’t a promise that Kingdom Hearts III will look exactly like this. This is just a small static apartment which is way easier to develop than an actual game with dynamic environments and many other things to handle than just furnitures. However, it tell that there shouldn’t be anything to worry about the graphics at least.

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