Mevius Final Fantasy

New “Mevius Final Fantasy” Screenshots & Summon Artwork

From Yesterday:

The latest issue of Famitsu reveals that Sarah Cornelia is joining in Mevius Final Fantasy cast this Spring. It’s not exactly same lady as in Final Fantasy I, but they both are princesses. In Mevius Final Fantasy,  Sarah is the princess of royal family of Paramitiaand she has been imprisoned into a giant crystal. Our hero known as “Wol” (reference to the Warrior of Light) discovers her, after waking up in a mysterious world without any memories. Wol has no idea where he is coming from and his only choice is to set forth and walk onward. There is a mysterious voice calling him out and guiding him along his path. Could this be Sarah’s voice?

Battle System

The battle system follows the traditional smartphones controls: they are simple and fighting happens by tapping the screen. You can also use magic abilities, including fire and blizzard. Some enemy types have elemental weaknesses: by casting a blizzard spell on fire elemental monsters will become weakened, making it easier to finish them off. Similar to Final Fantasy XIII saga, Mevius Final Fantasy also uses stagger system, where even more damage can be done. By defeating these mighty beasts, the player will also gather elements as loot. They will be used for developing the character even further.

Similar to other Final Fantasy games, there will be a summon system where the player can utilize eidolons such as Shiva, Onion Knight and Fat Chocobo in battles. It will be interesting to see how combining summons, magic and jobs affects to the gameplay. Square Enix already revealed that freelancer, thief and black mage jobs are appearing in the game. You can also rename the hero the way you like.

Mitsuto Suzuki is composing the original soundtrack for Mevius Final Fantasy. He is well-known from his composition work in Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII soundtracks, but he has also worked on The World Ends With You and The 3rd Birhtday music, for example. Watch the first look trailer below for a sneak peek of his upcoming tracks.

Square Enix Presents will be doing a special “Mevius Final Fantasy” live letter on April 2, 2015 at 20.00 JST. More details about the live stream will be shared soon.

Mevius Final Fantasy will be released for smartphones this Spring in Japan.


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